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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Podcast: What's up in Taiwan

Despite of the beautiness, Taiwan does not do a good job in promoting tourism. I've heard people telling me that they didn't know there were so much to see here, or else they would probably make a longer travel plan here.

This is a great Podcast talking about Taiwan. Henry and Julian travel around the island, looking for foriegners from all around the world, to talk about what Taiwan is to them. The show itself is also fun, no matter you're Taiwanese or not, been to Taiwan or not, it's worth listening, and a great way to know this tiny island.

What's up in Taiwan

If you use iTunes, you could click on this link.

If you don't....well, the shows are also able to be downloaded through it's website, in mp3 format. But iTunes is easiler, just subscribe the show for free, and it would be automatically downloaded everytime you open up iTunes.

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